A sustainable watch as beautiful as the Earth.

The CITIZEN L design concept is The Sense of Wonder.
Seeking inspiration in the beauty and mystery of nature.

The light and the air, elusive yet real.
The majestic forms of the natural world.
The pure, instinctive vitality of living creatures.
Look around you. Our world is full of wonders.

We want our watches to faithfully express nature’s beauty.
That’s why we developed a new style of watchmaking.
Materials, packaging, even functions…
It’s all about being kind to people and the planet.

We want this planet of ours to stay beautiful forever.

CITIZEN L Sustainability

The power of nature

A CITIZEN proprietary technology,
turning sunlight and artificial light
into the energy to drive a watch.


The choices we make now impact our shared future

Our principles for choosing materials:
‘Select the sustainable option’
and ‘Do no one any harm.’

Sustainable materials

Our promise to the future

We want our planet to stay beautiful forever.
These are the practical steps we’re taking
to turn that hope into a reality.

Our promise