Long ago, human beings created 
the concept of time.
What is time? Why does time exist?
Time Stories tell this fascinating tale.
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Time is light and light is time.
The universe began with the Big Bang, creating both time and light in an instant. The earth came into existence, and the sun rose up from the horizon, flooding the planet with light. Human beings eventually created the concept of time by looking at the lengthening shadows, the different light in the changing seasons, and the cycles of the moon shining down in the dark of night.
Time is light. Without light, time would not exist. As our civilizations developed, human beings separated time from light by measuring and expressing time in the form of numbers, bringing a new type of regulation to our lives. Deprived of light, time has continued to lose its beauty and sparkle. Without light, we would not have the wonders of the universe, the richness of our planet, or the joy of being alive.
LIGHT is TIME aims to unite light and time once more as we respond to the challenges of the future.

CITIZEN WATCH is a manufacture d'horlogerie with a comprehensive manufacturing process that extends from creating a watch’s individual components to its final assembly. The company operates in more than 140 countries and regions around the world. Since its founding in 1918, CITIZEN has held the belief of “Better Starts Now” — that is, no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better, and now is the time to start doing it.
Based this belief, we have created watches, invented and improved technologies and explored the future of watches such as our proprietary light-powered Eco-Drive technology and state-of-the-art satellite-synchronized timekeeping.
Tsuyoshi Tane

Tsuyoshi Tane is a Japanese architect based in Paris. He founded architectural practice based in Paris - Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects (ATTA). Under the concept of "Archaeology of the Future," which creates architecture from memories of places, ATTA works on various typologies of projects in Europe, Japan and many other counties. He is known for designing many notable buildings include the Estonian National Museum (2016), Kofun Stadium– New National Stadium Japan (2012), Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art (2020), Todoroki House in Valley (2018), and LIGHT is TIME (2014). He received numerous awards including the French Ministry of Culture Architecture Prize (2007), 67th Japanese Ministry New Face Award of Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts (2017), and "Architect of the Year 2019" and has been nominated for the European Union Mies van der Rohe Award 2017.

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Yutaka Endo

Artistic Director & Producer at LUFTZUG
Born in Niigata in 1977, Endo produces unique creations involving music, video, design, and technology, deriving from contemporary dance/stage art. Since 2002 he has been involved in various fields of planning, working as an art director, producer, and technical coordinator. In 2005 he founded LUFTZUG CO., LTD. out of a desire to engage in creative directing. LUFTZUG began its work with the intent of "establishing a role as a media intermediary." As a bridge between people, technology, and ideas, Endo endeavors to bring productions into being that play a social role. LUFTZUG EUROPE was established in 2012 and Gallery Lugtje was founded in 2018 in Amsterdam. Endo aims for heightened sensual exchanges and ubiquity by removing borders around where he works. Endo's work as a technical director has included installation project for MILAN DESIGN WEEK, Baselworld, CITIZEN "Light is Time" (Milan, Tokyo 2014), and Exhibition "Architect Frank Gehry 'I Have an Idea'" (Tokyo 2015), Tomoko Mukaiyama "La Mode" (Bolzano, Taichung, Tokyo 2016) "HOME" (Groningen, Den Haag, Iwatsuki 2016-) "GAKA" (Terschelling, Kochi, Kozu 2018), Xhiasma Project (Kobe, Tokyo 2020).

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