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Mar 17, 2016

CITIZEN Flagship Model for 2016
“CITIZEN Eco-Drive One”

— The world’ s thinnest*1 light-powered watch
with a 1.00mm movement —

It has been 40 years since CITIZEN launched the world's first analog quartz watch that uses light as a power source. We called this technology Eco-Drive*2 since it uses a renewable natural resource that anyone can access to generate its own electrical energy. Eco-Drive has evolved as one of our core technologies and serves as the foundation of our corporate philosophy of “crafting timepieces loved by citizens all over the world.”

For this milestone we introduce our latest flagship model, Eco-Drive One which is the world's thinnest light-powered analog quartz watch with a 2.98mm case and 1.00 mm movement.

Capturing the rank of ‘world's thinnest’ required redesigning almost every part of the movement, the structure of parts by using CITIZEN's most advanced processing techniques. We also improved on our Eco-Drive technology. For example, in spite of its thinness, Eco-Drive One runs 10 months on a single full charge by successfully reducing energy consumption.

To create a watch with a case thickness of 2.98mm required the use of new materials. Materials that are both thin and strong. Materials that are malleable to form a beautiful silhouette that would hug the wrist but a material that would be strong enough to resist flexing. The case of the Eco-Drive One Limited Model (AR5014-04E) and the bezel for AR5000-50E/AR5000-68A/AR5004-59H models all use a cermet*3 to achieve the mutually exclusive requirements of “beautiful thinness” and “durable hardness.” It also helps to keep the watch's beautiful finish and metallic luster. The bezel on the Limited Model (AR5014-04E) is made from a binderless cemented carbide*4 that is hard and resistant to both corrosion and oxidation.

As a light-power pioneer, we will continue to break boundaries and explore new possibilities of incorporating light powered technologies to craft timepieces that inspire people everywhere.

  Eco-Drive One
Limited Edition
800 Pieces Worldwide
Eco-Drive One
Launch Autumn/Winter 2016
Ref AR5014-04E AR5000-50E AR5000-68A AR5004-59H
Projected Price USD 6,000 USD 2,600
Case Material Cermet
with binderless cemented
carbide bezel
Stainless steel (Duratect*5 α) with cermet bezel
Band Material Black crocodile leather Stainless steel (Duratect α)
Crystal Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Case Diameter
38.5mm/2.98mm*6 39.0mm/2.98mm*6
Movement Cal.8826 , Eco-Drive, Accuracy of ±15 seconds per month, Runs 12 months on full charge, water resistant
  • *1 As of February 2016 for an analogue light-powered watch according to research by Citizen Watch Co,.Ltd.
  • *2 Eco-Drive is CITIZEN’ s proprietary technology that powers watches using any natural or artificial light source, eliminating the need to replace batteries. Certified as an Eco Mark product for the first time in the watch industry.
  • *3 Cermet is an advanced composite composed of ceramic and metallic materials. It is made by combusting a mixture of hard compound particles such as metallic carbides and nitrides with metallic binding materials.
  • *4 Binderless cemented carbide is a type of cemented carbide mainly made of tungsten carbide powder with no metallic binder such as cobalt and nickel. It has superior hardness, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
  • *5 Duratect is surface hardening technology exclusively developed by CITIZEN to maintain the luster and beautiful finish of watches. Treating materials such as titanium and stainless steel with this technology improves the hardness of the material’ s surface, making watch cases and bands resistant to scratches.
  • *6 Design thickness. The thickness of the actual product might be thicker (maximum 0.22 mm) than the design value due to tolerance.
  • The final design and specifications are subject to change without notice.