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Mar 17, 2016

CITIZEN L Ambiluna
A New Style of Luxury Watch

A new style of luxury watch for women who embrace their lives in the 21st century with beauty and power

Ethical spirit of caring about nature and people
Architectural design to offer a new framework for beauty
Craftsmanship that creates art from the touch of skilled hands and nature
All blended perfectly to bring a new style of luxury watch.

CITIZEN L watches reflect the brand concept “Beauty is Beauty,” which communicates our belief that eautiful things emanate from a beautiful mind. In other words, external beauty simply reflects inner beauty.

CITIZEN has created honest luxury with the CITIZEN L brand. This is the spirit behind the launch of a new style of luxury watch —“Ambiluna” . CITIZEN merges craftsmanship with timeless, elegantly simple and modern designs. By eschewing gaudy decoration in favour of simple beauty that reflects true inner quality and fine watchmaking, CITIZEN L challenges the conventional notion of watch and proposes a new style and definition of luxury watch, that cares for environment, people, and culture. The product stories and messages of CITIZEN L is what make the watches and wearers truly beautiful. The CITIZEN L Ambiluna collection was inspired by an architect Sou Fujimoto ,and the brand is supervised by a fashion journalist Yoshiko Ikoma to reinforce the message of CITIZEN L.

This new luxury watch collection embraces the concepts of sustainability and craftsmanship — revering and sharing traditional skills and techniques with a new generation of powerful women. In the spirit of sustainability, all products in the CITIZEN L new collection feature Eco-Drive*1, a core CITIZEN technology that powers watches using any light source.

  • *1 Eco-Drive is CITIZEN's proprietary technology that powers watches using any natural or artificial light source, eliminating the need to replace batteries. CITIZEN received Eco Mark product certification as the first company in the watch industry to produce watches featuring Eco-Drive.

The new “Ambiluna” collection design inspired by Sou Fujimoto

The name “Ambiluna” is a portmanteau word derived from two elements:” Ambient” and “Lunar.” “Ambient” evokes the natural environment rich in air and light, while “Lunar” suggests the subtle power of the gently-glowing Moon, as well as the moon-sapphire crystal used for the watch face. Watch is, by nature, a mechanical and precise object whereas time is formless and intangible. Under the concept of “absolute light” , Sou Fujimoto combines these two conflicting elements into this watch through the use of light and design. The sapphire glass surface is frosted on purpose so that the wearer does not so much “read” as “feel” the time. This “Moon-glazed sapphire crystal” , is inspired by a pale moon veiled in a haze casting a soft light. As a result of this unique crystal design and time-honored craftmanship, each watch in this collection is not simply a tool to tell time but a timepiece that tells a story.

Spirit of “absolute light” — Limited edition

The Moon-glazed sapphire crystal used on the Limited edition CITIZEN L watches enriches the light reflected on its surface and brings out various tones and brightness. The case is constructed from Super Titanium™*2, which use CITIZEN's proprietary surface hardening technology resulting in a watch that is five times harder than stainless steel. This material is also lightweight and gentle on the skin, so those with sensitive skin can wear these attractive watches without concern. Nishijin textile used for the watch bands is specially designed for this collection. It is crafted by a 350-year-old Kyoto textile manufacturer “HOSOO” that weaves Nishijin textile for traditional Japanese clothing, Kimonos. The nuance and delicate sheen of the material complements the case design and the strap's spiritual elegance appears to almost melt in the light symbolising minimalistic beauty.

Original bangle and clutch bag of Nishijin texitile
Collection CITIZEN L Ambiluna Limited Edition
Ref EG7000-01A
Launch 1,000 Pieces Worldwide
Limited Number Autumn/Winter 2016
Projected Price USD 2,000
Crystal Sapphire
Case & Band Material Super Titanium / Nishijin textile
Case Diameter /Thickness 37.8mm/9.49mm
Movement Caliber:G620, Eco-Drive, Accuracy of ±15 seconds per month, Runs 8 months on full charge, WR50
  • *2 Super Titanium™ is our special titanium material made by CITIZEN's proprietary titanium processing technology and surface hardening technology, Duratect.

A watch to connect light and time

In addition to the Limited Edition strap model the Citizen L Ambiluna collection includes a unqiue bangle bracelet model.

The design features a “Urushi drop,” an element of traditional Japanese lacqueriware. It is exquisitely handcrafted, no two models are exactly the same, the colour and lacquer-layers differ slightly, creating various dazzling reflections of light. The varying brilliance created by Moon-glazed sapphire crystal glass and the Urushi drop are blended on a simple bangle. A diamond drop positioned between the case and the Urushi drop adds a sense of strength to the design, while also serving as an indicator for 12 o'clock. These elements combine to create a sense of vitality that brings the watch design to life and enhances its pure elegance.

Collection CITIZEN L Ambiluna
Ref (From above) EW5493-51W EW5490-59A EW5492-53P
Launch / Projected Price Autumn/Winter 2016 /USD 720
Case / Band Material Stainless steel & Urushi drop(with 1 piece of Diamond) / Stainless steel
* Silver foil and gold/silver powder are used for Urushi drops.
Case Diameter /Thickness 24.6mm/9.05mm
*Design specifications only.
Movement Caliber:B035, Eco-Drive, Accuracy of ±15 seconds per month, Runs 7 months on full charge, WR50
  • The final design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Design Adviser
Sou Fujimoto, Architect

Hokkaido-born Sou Fujimoto graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. He established his own Office, Sou Fuimoto Architects in 2000. Among numerous awards, Mr. Fujimto won the first prize for the invited design competition “Ecole Polytechnique Learning Center at Paris-Saclay University,” in Paris, France in 2015, and was a winner of the “Architectural Folie of the 21st Century” competition in Montpellier, France.

Brand Adviser
Yoshiko Ikoma, Fashion journalist

Yoshiko Ikoma has served as vice-chief editor of the Japanese editions of Vogue and Elle, and was subsequently chief editor of Japanese edition of Marie Claire. After leaving that position in 2008, she now works as a freelance journalist creating projects centered on fashion and lifestyle, including social actions, ecology projects and “Cool Japan” projects, while also contributing articles to newspapers and magazines. She launched a project called WAO to introduce traditional Japanese crafts.

Product Concept

—A Watch that “Feels” Time—

Time is invisible to the human eye.
That very invisibility gives Time its infinite richness.
Light, too, has neither shape nor form. But in its flickering transience we feel Time pass.
Can we mechanise Time and make it visible, while still retaining its essential invisibility?
Can a watch give form to Light and make us “feel” Time through its shimmering glow?
In seeking to create a new way of “feeling” Time, somewhere between the visible and the invisible, I delved deep into the nature of Time and Light, creating this watch, with its hands that move amid half-transparent Light like subtle premonitions.

Design adviser Sou Fujimoto

Nishijin-textile HOSOO

HOSOO is a Kyoto-based textile maker founded in 1688. The company specialises in superior quality fabrics for high-end interior design and fashion,utilizing the time-honored expertise in manufacturing Nishijin-brocade. Nishijin is a special yarn dyeing and weaving technique developed over 1,200 years ago that is used for garments such as kimonos. HOSOO is activly developing innovative fablics using this tradition,targeting the global luxury market.

Urushi (Japanese lacquer) URUSHI SAKAMOTO CO., LTD

Founded in 1900, URUSHI SAKAMOTO CO., LTD is a renowned, long-established Japanese lacquer manufacturer.

Under the theme of “Infusion of tradition and modern concepts,” its wide product lineup ranges from accessories to industrial products.

Currently URUSHI SAKAMATO Co., LTD. is establishing
is establishing partnerships with companies from various industries to communicate the excellence of Japanese lacuquerware worldwide. Some of the company's works are included in the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art.