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Mar 23, 2017

3 new models from Eco-Drive One
―the world’s thinnest*1 light-powered watch at 2.98mm*2

Eco-Drive One
USD 3,500
Autumn 2017

CITIZEN is proud to announce at Baselworld 2017 that 3 new models from Eco-Drive One to be launched in Autumn 2017.

In 2016, to commemorate the 40-year history of our light-powered technology “Eco-Drive*3”, since the launch the world’s first light-powered analogue watch, CITIZEN released the flagship model “Eco-Drive One” with just a 1.00mm thick movement and 2.98mm thick case. This beautifully refined thinness expressed the essential qualities of a wristwatch and proved CITIZEN as the pioneer of light-powered watch and a true manufacture d'horlogerie.

For 3 new models with leather bands to be launched in 2017, we use cermet for the bezel to realize the contradictory characters of thinness and strength. The metallic glow of pink and silver cermet*4 enhances the beauty of the ultra-thin design. The different types of Duratect*5, CITIZEN proprietary surface hardening technologies, is applied to these stainless steel case for further scratch resistance and colour variations. Duratect DLC with its valiant dark grey colour has been used on Eco-Drive One for the first time . These 2 models with the dark-grey Duratect DLC (AR5024-01E/AR5025-08E) feature silver and pink cermet bezels respectively for a monotone simplicity for one, and a stylish glamour, for the other.

The white dial (AR5026-05A) with a pink cermet bezel and a dark-brown crocodile leather model , is designed as a classic style wristwatch.

To develop Eco-Drive One, we have revisited the structure of the parts to the processing from scratch to fit all essential parts in this finite space. While pursuing the world’s thinnest as a light-powered watch, we have also improved our energy-saving technology of a movement based on our years of research to allow Eco-Drive One to run for almost 12 months from a full charge. Eco-Drive One is a timepiece that was made only possible by CITIZEN, a manufacture d’horlogerie that has invested itself in light-powered watch for over 40 years.

Eco-Drive One, a result of bringing together the essential timekeeping function of a watch with a refined beauty that speaks to our aestheticism. This is indeed a watch that brings joy and comfort of wearing along with the beauty of seeing it on one’s wrist.

Product Specification

  Eco-Drive One
Ref AR5025-08E AR5024-01E AR5026-05A
Launch Autumn 2017
Projected Price USD 3,500
Case/ Band Stainless steel (Duratect DLC)
Black crocodile leather
Stainless steel (Duratect α)
Blown crocodile leather
Crystal Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Bezel Pink Cermet Silver Cermet Pink Cermet
Back plate Cermet
Dial Colour Black Black White
Size diameter 39.0mm /thickness 2.98mm ※ Design specification only
Movement Cal.8826/ Eco-Drive/ Accuracy of ±15 seconds per month / Light-powered Eco-Drive / Runs 12months on full charge/ Water resistant
  • *1 As of February 2017, according to research by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
  • *2 Design specification only. The actual product may be 0.22mm thicker due to the tolerance.
  • *3 Eco-Drive is CITIZEN’ s proprietary technology that powers watches using any natural or artificial light source, eliminating the need to replace batteries. Certified as an Eco Mark product for the first time in the watch industry.
  • *4 Cermet is an advanced composite composed of ceramic and metallic materials. It is made by combusting a mixture of hard compound particles such as metallic carbides and nitrides with metallic binding materials.
  • *5 Duratect is surface hardening technology exclusively developed by CITIZEN to maintain the luster and beautiful finish of watches. Treating materials such as titanium and stainless steel with this technology improves the hardness of the material’ s surface, making watch cases and bands resistant to scratches.
    Duratect DLC / Duratect α:
  • ●The final design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • ●Eco-Drive, Duratect are registered trademarks or trademarks of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
  • ●The availability, specifications and related information such as product code for the models featured in this site, may vary by markets.If you would like to know more details, including the availability of this products in your area, please select your "Local Website" from our global site.

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