Watches for happiness

A watch as beautiful as our planet.
Both inside and out.

CITIZEN wants to make a better world
for tomorrow.
The brand we’ve chosen to
spearhead those efforts is CITIZEN L.
As a manufacture,
CITIZEN believes in sustainable manufacturing.
that treats people and the environment
with respect.

CITIZEN L wants to make a better world
for tomorrow.
This limited edition model is inspired by
our desire to pass on a beautiful ocean
to future generations.
Woven from fibres made from
plastic bottles collected in
beach cleanups by UpDRIFT™,
the eco-friendly strap helps
to tackle the problem of marine plastic.
Every model comes with a CHAN LUU bracelet
made from 2,000-year-old Roman glass beads.
Think about our beautiful planet.
It’s time for a change.

CITIZEN L ×CHANLUU Collaboration Model
Limited edition box
Includes CHAN LUU bracelet

Founded in 1996 by the designer Chan Luu, CHAN LUU is a global contemporary fashion brand centred on handcrafted products. All of its products are handmade by skilled artisans. People the world over love the deft fusion of craft warmth and contemporary taste in its designs. A multicultural sensibility inspired by Chan Luu’s own lifetime of world travel further deepens the appeal of the brand.

UpDRIFT™ recycles plastic bottles collected in marine cleanups, returning them as new materials with low environmental impact. With the goal of reducing the amount of marine debris incinerated or buried in landfills, UpDRIFT™ separates and cleans plastic bottles collected from the ocean and recycles them as new products. In so doing, UpDRIFT™ helps to protect the irreplaceable marine environment.