Watches for happiness

It’s always time for something new

Make up your mind to be brave.
Put on the watch.
Embrace its positive energy.
xC is all about empowering you.

This is a limited edition model created through a collaboration with AFRIKA ROSE,
a Tokyo florist specialising
in fair-trade African roses.
  The design is inspired by “Good Times,”
a yellow rose.
Even our smallest choices can help
make the world a happier place.

xC ×AFRIKA ROSE Collaboration Model
Limited edition box with rose-scented sachet


Customers who buy the collaboration model
will receive an AFRIKA ROSE
rose-scented sachet

AFRIKA ROSE is a florist that specialises in the highest quality Kenyan roses. Founded in 2012, the business is rooted in the philosophy that exporting Kenyan roses worldwide can play a part in eliminating poverty in Africa. The company connects producers with a quality product to customers who recognise the value of that product. Broadening and developing that producer-customer connection will lead to fair trade in the truest sense of the word.