880 Mechanical




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Accept no limitations. Go your own way.
A bold new mechanical watch makes its debut.

The Series 8 880 Mechanical, featuring
the proprietary GMT Caliber 9054.
Your partner in a world full of possibility.


Ready for today’s world

This model features the GMT Caliber 9054, a new in-house movement that combines a maximum 50-hour running time with high average accuracy of -10/+20 seconds per day.
Magnetic resistance of 16,000 A/m is a perfect match for today’s lifestyle. Because its accuracy is unaffected by electromagnetic field-generating devices like smartphones and tablets as close as one centimeter away, you can use it with confidence in any setting.

A shining symbol of success

A whole new look comes to Series 8. The highly original dial pattern is among this model’s most appealing features. It combines a stylised take on Tokyo’s night-time skyline with a check pattern, a much-loved Japanese motif with connotations of prosperity and success.Our unique take on this timeless motif is now a symbol of Series 8. May everyone who wears this watch flourish and prosper!

Bold yet delicate. Paradoxical. Irresistible.

A modern design for people who live in the present—and spearhead the future. The overall case has a four-part construction. The two-part construction of the middle case accentuates the different finishes on the different facets. The bi-directional bezel, with its satisfying and tactile click, adds an authentically sporty note.

Enjoying the aesthetics of precision

Developed entirely in-house, the new mechanical movement embodies our spirit of never-ending challenge. You can watch the movement in action through the see-through case back. It’s your private window into the beauty of precise timekeeping.

Designed to look—and feel—good

The bracelet tapers inwards towards the clasp, imparting a sense of purpose and energy to the wearer’s wrist. The rough hairline finishes on the bracelet’s flat surfaces (a key detail in the Series 8 visual identity) create an impression of combined forcefulness and luxury, while delivering enhanced wearability and comfort.

880 Mechanical
Limited Edition

Wear the glorious hues of Japan’s fall foliage on your wrist!

1,300 pieces worldwide

A limited edition inspired by the “four seasons” concept. This model takes autumn as its theme. The twin tones of yellow gold and rose gold used for the case and bracelet evoke the turning leaves in the fall. The dial pattern—an idealised Japanese landscape glowing in the golden evening sunlight—is a motif created especially for this limited edition.