830 Mechanical

Vivid. Lustrous. Alive.

A watch of ever-changing expression.
Sheer strength cloaked in exquisite refinement.
A sporty model that makes a powerful impression.

  • NA1010-84X

  • NA1015-81Z

Striking forms and eye-catching elegance

This design adds new notes of glamour, sheen and sophistication to the modern, sporty character of Series 8. A domed glass creates a sense of depth. A mesmerising model. To see it is to love it.

Dial with an aurora-like glow

Three materials—mother of pearl, metal and metal mesh— are brought together to create the aurora-like glow of the multilayered dial. The dial looks quite different depending on how it catches the light. Enjoy its ever-changing expressions.

Playful crown guard

We obsessed over the side-view of the watch. The playful crown guard is designed to further highlight the unique aesthetic of the dial and strengthen the overall “one-of-a-kind” look and feel that distinguishes this model.


*There are some markets
where the product is not available.