831 Mechanical

Stylish. Honest. Forceful.

Spellbinding in its refinement.
Strong, sharp and confident.
Practicality meets style in the standard model.

  • NB6011-11W

    Worldwide limited
    edition: 888 pieces

  • NB6010-81L

  • NB6010-81E

  • NB6010-81A

  • NB6012-18L

A watch at once practical and stylish

Our goal was to make a supremely easy-to-use and easy-to-read watch that was also supremely stylish. This user-centric approach resulted in a design that is the perfect fusion of form and function.

Simple and legible face

The detailed minute markers track the smooth sweep of the second hand to further accentuate the mechanical character of the watch. The deep-set dial exudes an easygoing and urbane sophistication. The face encapsulates the combination of strong character and absolute readability that is the hallmark of Series 8.

Bracelet composed of straight lines and flat surfaces

With its geometric lines and planes, the bracelet is remarkable for its spare structural beauty. Alongside practical wrist-comfort, it has a beauty that is timeless in its simplicity.


*There are some markets
where the product is not available.