870 Mechanical

Powerful. Bold. Simple.

A boldness born of taking things away.
A powerful, sturdy and sporty design.
A model that brings pride and pleasure to the wearer.

  • NA1004-10E

  • NA1004-87E

  • NA1000-88A

  • NA1005-17L

A solid and sturdy case

The two-piece bezel features fine mirror and hairline finishes whose appearances changes depending on how they catch the light. Coupled with the solid case, the overall impression is the epitome of modern, sporty design—simple, powerful and bold.

A face that makes you “feel” the seconds

As well as offering the practical merit of readability, the bold indexes and chunky hands express a commitment to ultraprecise time-telling. Working in tandem with the deliberately plain dial design, they create a face that is profoundly pleasing in its poise and orthodoxy.

A handsome bracelet with strikingly clean lines

With clean, straight lines and surfaces, the bracelet boasts a beauty born of simplicity. In addition to an extraordinary level of wrist-comfort, enjoy watching the light play on the its deliberately coarse hairline finish every time you move your arm.


*There are some markets
where the product is not available.