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Summer time

Changing the summer time setting

  1. Press the button while the crown's position is 0.
  2. Apply a plastic or wooden stick or something similar (non-metallic material is preferable) the dimple on the center of the recessed button.

    Press the button securely by thrusting the other end of the stick taking care that the stick’s end applied to the button does not go away from the center dimple of the button.

    the second hand indicates the current summer time setting.

    SMT ON
    Summer time is indicated.
    The standard time is indicated.


    The watch returns to normal indication automatically in 10 seconds without any operation during the steps below.

  3. Rotate the crown clockwise to switch the summer time setting (SMT ON/OFF).
  4. The hour and minute hands start moving as the setting changed.


    Each time you rotate the crown clockwise, the setting changes alternately.

  5. Press the button to finish the procedure.

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