Using forest resources responsibly

As well as reducing overall paper usage,
CITIZEN is actively embracing FSC™-certified paper.

What is FSC?

Protecting forests by using FSC™-certified

The 2 Types of FSC™ Certification

Wood products are an essential part of our lives. However, some wood products come from illegally felled trees or from poorly managed and overharvested forest plantations. In addition to exacerbating global warming, the use of such wood products can lead to the destruction of endangered species’ habitats and the exploitation of indigenous communities, while also being associated with poaching. The system of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™) certification was devised specifically to address these issues. It provides consumers with wood products clearly identifiable as coming from well-managed forests and from recycled materials, at the same time as it delivers economic benefits to responsible producers.

FSC™: Forest Stewardship Council™/ FSC™N002484
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The 2 Types of FSC™ Certification

Why is FSC?

Thriving forests for future generations

CITIZEN is committed to responding to climate change and contributing to a recycling-oriented society. CITIZEN actively works to reduce energy consumption and has started using electricity generated from renewable sources to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change. As part of these efforts, CITIZEN is actively embracing the use of FSC™-certified paper. Consciously choosing FSC™-certified paper helps support responsible producers and the regions where they operate, while also helping to conserve the forests which absorb so much carbon dioxide. No one knowingly wants to contribute to environmental destruction. CITIZEN is doing what we can, one step at a time, to safeguard biodiversity and human rights and to pass thriving forests and a beautiful planet on to the next generation.