Making responsible use of leather

Reducing environmental impact is a key factor in
choosing materials. That’s why CITIZEN uses
LWG-certified leather.

What is LWG?

A community for responsible leather

The 4 Audit Criteria Required for LWG Certification

Leather is a popular material for watch straps, but the process of making leather from raw hides uses large quantities of water and chemicals, and can lead to environmental pollution and negative health outcomes.

Leather Working Group (LWG) is a non-profit organization that promotes responsible environmental practices across the leather supply chain. Bringing together multiple stakeholders from tanneries to leather goods makers, brands, suppliers, traders and NGOs, LWG now has over 1,800 members in 65 countries.

LWG conducts audits of key environmental metrics in the leather-making process, including chemical safety, wastewater disposal and energy usage. It awards certification only to those actors who meet its rigorous international standards. LWG-certified manufacturers currently account for approximately 25% of the world’s total production of finished leather.

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The 4 Audit Criteria Required for LWG Certification

Why LWG?

A future in which neither planet nor
people suffer

CITIZEN joined LWG in April 2023 because we share the LWG’s commitment to the environment and to the importance of traceability. When we use leather in CITIZEN products, we try to source our leather from LWG-certified tanneries. It is a conscious choice we have made in a bid to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a future in which neither planet nor people are sacrificed.

Currently, 60% of the leather CITIZEN uses is LWG-certified. We aim to raise that figure to over 90%. In addition to boosting our own use of LWG-certified leather, as a LWG member we intend to promote a more sustainable leather industry all along the supply chain.

CITIZEN is a member of LWG (Leather Working Group).