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Caliber 0200

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More accurate.
More elegant

The Caliber 0200 was born from our partnership with La Joux-Perret, a Swiss company that became part of Citizen Watch Group in 2012. CITIZEN’s design philosophy as a manufacture and its component-processing technologies come together with La Joux-Perret’s sophisticated decorative techniques in this remarkable movement.


Accuracy above the chronometer standard
courtesy of excellent design and precision components

The new Caliber 0200 mechanical movement uses a free-sprung balance wheel, the optimum mechanism for sustained, accurate timekeeping. The free-sprung balance wheel requires extremely precise components, so we had to establish a whole new manufacturing process to ensure the accuracy and the aesthetic appeal of each part of it. We further enhanced the precision of the individual components by using the LIGA fabrication process, while also drawing on the wealth of component-manufacturing technology we had developed for Eco-Drive movements over decades. We achieved average daily accuracy of -3/+5 seconds, a level in excess of chronometer standard (ISO3159), as a result.

The watch undergoes 17 days of in-house testing involving six positions and three temperature levels, when the watch is fully assembled but the wrist band not yet attached. Only if all these tests are passed is our official in-house certification issued. The printed certificate comes with the watch.

A free-sprung balance wheel has no regulator. Accuracy is adjusted by loosening or tightening small weights known as masselottes, meaning that adjustments can be made without having to interfere with the hairspring.
Located between the balance wheel and the gears, the escapement plays a key role in ensuring the accuracy of the watch. The escapement is made using the LIGA fabrication process, a process CITIZEN mastered in making of electronic devices.


A movement of refined design

The team of engineers who worked on developing the Caliber 0200 were determined first, that the movement’s individual components should all be beautifully finished and second, that they should be arranged to maximum advantage to achieve a profound beauty. The team made countless trial layouts of all the gears—the barrel, the balance wheel and the escapement—to create the most beautiful possible arrangement. That was how they finally arrived at a layout that shows off the beautifully finished balance wheel and the gears extending from the barrel to best advantage. Note in particular the gorgeous arrangement of the gears from the centered second wheel to the balance wheel. Our adoption of a small second layout is what made this layout possible.

We used a variety of different techniques—diamond-cut, satinage, colimaçonnage and perlage—for the finishes of the main plate and the bridges. These finishes further enhance the appearance of the gears and the balance wheel. Applying both satinage and diamond-cut finishes to the bridges creates a wonderful sense of contrast and a profound sense of volume. We also came up with techniques to better show off the beautiful, rhythmical movement of the balance wheel, applying mirror finishes even to the screw heads from the outer rim to the drive. This was a true labour of love. Many of the decorative techniques we used incorporate the know-how of La Joux-Perret. The unique aesthetic of the Caliber 0200 is thus the result of a fusion of Japanese and Swiss craftmanship.