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Caliber 0200

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Giving form to the joy of ownership.
Advanced and innovative design

We wanted to make a watch that was deeply satisfying to wear. We were every bit as fanatical about the aesthetics of the watch itself as we were about the aesthetics of the movement inside. Inspired by concepts like “advanced,” “innovative” and “cutting edge,” the look combines strength and sharpness in a manner wholly suited to a mechanical watch that embodies the new direction of Citizen Watch Group.


A bold case with no lugs.
The embodiment of innovation

The design, which is all about “advanced” and “innovative,” uses bold, clean surfaces with no lugs. In fact, the whole design is characterised by a series of sharp surfaces that extend from case to bracelet. To display the solid stainless steel to maximum advantage, we combine rough hairline and mirror finishes to give the watch the tactile qualities of an industrial product. The play of light on the case and bracelet give the watch tremendous character and presence, especially when it is being worn.

A bold case with no lugs. The embodiment of innovation


A richly expressive dial
born of cutting-edge technology

The design concepts of “advanced” and “innovative” are also in evidence in the dial. Electroforming—a sophisticated electrodeposition technology—is used to give the dial a sand-ripple-like texture. The uneven surface cast shadows which in turn generate the subtlest and most delightful colour variations. The small second sub-dial at 6 o’clock is another distinctive feature.

A richly expressive dial born of cutting-edge technology

Line Up


Limited to just 90 pieces


The inspiration for this limited edition model comes from samurai armour, which uses multiple traditional craft techniques to provide physical protection while also expressing the wearer’s personality through ornament. The strap is made of Himeji Kurozan leather, the “black diamond of leather.”



Black dial with sand-rippled pattern created by electroforming. The dial’s variegated surface produces a delightfully subtle interplay of shadows.

Crafting the next ideal:

The eagle mark:
Symbol of The CITIZEN

The eagle symbolises The CITIZEN’s twin commitments to “looking ahead and pursuing the ideal” and to “becoming an integral part of users’ lives.” The mark is discreetly engraved on the dial and crown of some models.


The master artisans who
breathe life into our watches

The CITIZEN watches are made at CITIZEN's special watch workshop nestled deep in the Nagano countryside. They are hand-assembled down to the last component by our highly experienced master watchmaking Meisters.

Next Level Quality