X-8 Cosmotron Chronometer
The world’s first titanium watch


CITIZEN unveiled the world’s first titanium watch in 1970,
one year after man first set foot on the moon.
That, however, was only the start of a long quest.
We’ve been single-mindedly pursuing
the ideal material for a watch ever since.

Stronger. More elegant. More comfortable.
It is because we believe in titanium’s potential
that we have spent half a century refining our technology.

Lightweight. Scratch resistant.
Gentle on the skin. Rust resistant.
CITIZEN Super Titanium™.

Now the material we created for watches
is about to be used for lunar exploration.

And the dream does not end there.
We are still working on a future where everyone
can wear their watch with confidence and in comfort.


Super Titanium

Resistant to scratches, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and resistant to rust. A material made with CITIZEN’s proprietary titanium processing technology and surface hardening technology.

Solid Titanium - Lightweight - Gentle on the skin (hypoallergenic) - Resistant to rust CITIZEN proprietary Titanium-processing Duratect CITIZEN proprietary surface-hardening technology - Resistant to scratches - Good-looking Super Titanium™ - Resistant to scratches - Lightweight - Gentle on the skin(hypoallergenic) - Resistant to rust - Good-looking




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