AMBILUNA Inspired by four elements A miracle to be at one
with nature.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary
with a first-time collaboration with HERALBONY

AMBILUNA Inspired by four elements

The Fire of the awakening Sun

Inspired by FIRE

[ 10th Anniversary Limited Edition ]


10th Anniversary Collaboration
A scarf designed with artwork by a HERALBONY artist.

All living things have their own distinct radiance and are unique, precious and irreplaceable. People too express their uniqueness and difference through art.
That’s the thinking that inspired CITIZEN L to team up with HERALBONY, an art-life brand that empowers artists in care facilities to express their exceptionality.
The watch comes with a scarf printed with Samba, a painting by Momoko Eguchi inspired by the beauty and heartbeat of nature. 

The bounty of the Earth

Inspired by EARTH


The caressing breeze of the Air

Inspired by AIR


Water flowing everywhere

Inspired by WATER




Sustainable materials


  • Learning lessons from nature.

    Design cues taken from plants and animals.
    • The dial reproduces the structural colouration of butterfly wings that glimmer when exposed to the light. Its appearance changes subtly with every move of your wrist.
    • The knitted band has a porous structure copied from living organisms. Light, breathable and snug, it’s a pleasure to wear.
      It’s also washable, meaning it can be used for longer.
  • ※ ECOPET® is a trademark of Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.
    ※ WHOLEGARMENT is a registered trademark of SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD.

    Kind to people and the planet.
    Sustainable materials

    Do no harm to anyone. Make sustainable choices.
    These are our principles.
    • Synthetic lab-grown diamonds with the same hardness and brilliance as mined diamonds are used on the dial.
    • WHOLEGARMENT®, a seamless knitting technique that eliminates cutting loss by using exactly the right amount of yarn, is used for the band.
    • The band is partially made of ECOPET®, an eco-friendly material made from recycled clothing and plastic bottles.
  • Powered by nature.

    Converts sunlight and dim indoor light into energy. 
    • Powers the watch for approximately 6 months on a full charge. 
    • Eliminates the need for regular battery replacement, helping to reduce battery waste.