A watch brand that can help shape the future

We want our planet to stay beautiful forever.
That’s our hope and our dream.

Serious challenges like climate change and pollution
cannot be solved without a complete change of mindset.

What practical steps can we take?
We can make responsible, sustainable choices,
share our ideas and create opportunities for action.

Multiple small actions can build into something big.
That’s the pledge we make for our shared future.


Resource conservation, waste reduction and upcycling.

We’re making environment-friendly manufacturing choices.


We will reduce battery waste through our use of Eco-Drive technology that converts light into energy to power watches and eliminates the need for regular battery changes.

Examples of sustainable materials currently used in CITIZEN L products


Reducing waste through the use of ECOPET® material created from recycled plastic PET bottles.


Contributing to reducing food waste through the use of Piñatex® natural textile made from pineapple leaves.


Contributing to reducing marine debris through the use of UpDRIFT™ recycled fibers made from plastic debris recovered from the oceans and rivers.

FSC®-Certified Paper*4

The use of FSC certified paper that are sourced from responsibly managed forests, recycled materials or other low risk sources helps conserve the natural environment.

*1 A recycled textile made by Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd. Recovered PET bottles are melted down and recycling technologies are used to create a recycled polyester textile for watch bands.

*2 A natural textile made from pineapple leaves that would usually be discarded or burned by pineapple farmers. CITIZEN uses Piñatex® manufactured by Ananas Anam, Ltd.

*3 A recycled textile from Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. Plastic PET bottles are recovered from oceans and rivers and recycled into a textile used for watch bands.

*4 Paper that is certified as using forest products from properly managed forests according to standards set by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®).
We use it for our watch boxes, pamphlets and other promotional materials. FSC® N002484.

Reducing CO2

We’re working proactively to cut CO2 and stop climate change.

Digitising instruction manuals

We will digitalize instruction manuals in 9 languages to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 tons and paper usage by 37 tons annually.


CITIZEN will donate one mangrove seedling every time a customer chooses not to receive a box when purchasing a new CITIZEN watch.

Sustainable packaging

We will create product packaging that can be reused for other purposes after purchase.

low impact materials

We don’t want our watches to be hiding any guilty secrets.

We always choose materials that are kind to people and the planet.

Lab-grown diamonds

We will maximize conservation of the global environment, ensure safety, and improve working environments through the use of lab-grown diamonds.

Responsible Minerals Sourcing

Whether tin, tantalum, gold, tungsten or cobalt, we’re fully committed to sourcing minerals free of links to conflict between armed groups or to child labour.

transparency through
information disclosure

We promise to be transparent in our disclosures.

We want you to enjoy our watches with complete peace of mind.

That’s why we disclose our watches’ total life cycle CO2 emissions and materials

with the same clarity you expect with cosmetics or food products.

Disclosure of CO2 emissions

We will disclose information about CO2 emissions produced during watch manufacturing, from materials procurement to disposal.

Disclosure of product materials

We will disclose details about the materials used in each watch and the amount of each material used.