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Checking the power reserve

Always keep level 2 or above.


Charge immediately when power reserve is level 1 or 0.

  1. Pull the crown out to position 1.
  2. The second hand points to 30 seconds and stops.

  3. Rotate the crown to change the mode to any one of the following: [LON], [NYC], [CHI],[DEN], [LAX] or [A-TM].
  4. Push the crown in to position 0.
  5. Press and release the lower right button A.
  6. The function hand indicates the power reserve in levels.


    When the mode is [LON], [NYC], [CHI], [DEN] or [LAX], the second hand shows the result of the previous signal reception.

    Level 3Power reserve is OK.
    Duration: 220 - 310 days
    Level 2Power reserve is OK.
    Duration: 30 - 220 days
    Level 1Power reserve is getting low.
    Duration: 3 - 30 days
    Level 0Level where insufficient charge warning starts
    Duration: 3 days or shorter
  7. Press and release the lower right button A to finish the procedure.
  8. !

    The hand returns to normal indication automatically in 10 seconds without pressing the button.

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