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Receiving the time signal

Checking the previous signal reception result


For details of signal reception, see “About signal reception”.

  1. Pull the crown out to position 1.
  2. The second hand points to 30 seconds and stops.

  3. Rotate the crown to change the mode to any one of the following: [LON], [NYC], [CHI],[DEN] or [LAX].
  4. Push the crown in to position 0.
  5. Press and release the lower right button A.
  6. The function hand indicates power reserve in levels and the second hand indicates the previous reception result.

    HSignals were received under a very good condition.
    MSignals were received under a good condition.
    LSignals were received under a not very good condition.
    NOReception failed.


    “H”, “M” or “L” is also indicated during signal reception.
    They indicate condition of reception environment and are not related to reception performance of the watch.


    Some models indicate the result with the tip of the second hand, others with the tail.

  7. Press and release the lower right button A to finish the procedure.
  8. !

    The hand returns to normal indication automatically in 10 seconds without pressing the button.

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