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Adjusting the time and calendar

Adjusting the time


Before adjusting the time and calendar

Before adjusting time and calendar, check the time zone of the time and calendar to set and its summer time status and adjust the settings of "world time" and "summer time"correctly.

  1. Pull the crown out to position 2.
  2. The second hand points to 0 seconds and stops.


    Adjust the reference position before time and calendar adjustment if the second hand does not point 0 seconds.

  3. Rotate the crown to set hour and minute.
  4. !

    When you rotate the crown quickly a few times, the hand/indication will move continuously.
    To stop the rapid movement, rotate the crown in either direction.


    Date indication also moves synchronously. Change of date indication shows it just became AM.


    Date indication does not change while moving the hands counterclockwise.

  5. Push the crown in to position 0 in accordance with a reliable time source to finish the procedure.
  6. The watch starts moving.

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