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Adjusting the time and calendar

Adjusting the calendar


The calendar of this watch needs no adjustment until February 28, 2100 if it is set correctly and the watch does not stop until then. (Perpetual calendar)


Before adjusting the time and calendar

Before adjusting time and calendar, check the time zone of the time and calendar to set and its summer time status and adjust the settings of "world time" and "summer time"correctly.

  1. Press the button while the crown's position is 0.
  2. Apply a plastic or wooden stick or something similar (non-metallic material is preferable) the dimple on the center of the recessed button.

    Press the button securely by thrusting the other end of the stick taking care that the stick’s end applied to the button does not go away from the center dimple of the button.

    the second hand indicates the current summer time setting.


    Execute the next step within 10 seconds.

  3. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds or more while the second hand is indicating the summer time setting.
  4. The second hand turns fully around once and indicates the current year and month setting.


    Release the button as the second hand start to move.


    The watch returns to normal indication in 30 seconds without any operation during the steps below.

  5. Rotate the crown clockwise to adjust the year and month setting.
  6. Year and month are indicated with the second hand.
    To set to as the month and as the year, move the second hand to point second(s).
    See "Month and year setting" when you want to set other month and year than above or to find further information.


    See "Month and year setting" when you want to set other month and year than above or to find further information.


    If you rotate the crown quickly a few times, the hand will move continuously.
    To stop the rapid movement, rotate the crown in either direction.

  7. Rotate the crown counterclockwise to adjust the date indication.
  8. Press the button to finish the procedure.

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