Here are introduced the main features and specifications of the F990 movement.
You can go to pages for further explanation of features from here.

Eco-Drive Satellite Wave-GPS

Receives location and time information sent from GPS satellites and adjusts the time and calendar on the watch automatically.
In addition, No periodical battery replacement is needed. This watch is fueled by light.

Light-Level Indicator

Indicates current power generation amount.
It can be used as a reference for choosing a good charging place.


Prevents the hands from unwanted movement due to impacts or magnetism and assists accurate time indication.

World time

Indicates the time around the world by choosing one of 39 time zones.

±5-second average monthly accuracy

Keeps high accuracy without time signal reception.

Dual time

Shows the home time and local time at the same time.
The two times can be interchanged easily.


Measures up to 24 hours by 1 second.


Sounds at the time set every day.

Perpetual calendar

No need for monthly and leap-year date correction until February 28, 2100.


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