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World time

Table of time zones and representative places


Countries or regions may change time zones for various reasons.


Representative area names on the watch may differ from the illustration in some models.


The information of the time zones and its applicable areas is that as of the time when the watch was released.

Time zoneSecond handRepresentative places and their abbreviationSignal station
00LON, LondonGermany
+12PAR, Paris
+24ATH, Athens◆Germany
+37RUH, Riyadh
+49DXB, Dubai
+511KHI, Karachi◆China
+5.514DEL, Delhi
+616DAC, Dhaka
+718BKK, Bangkok
+821BJS, Beijing
HKG, Hong Kong
+923TYO, TokyoJapan
+9.525ADL, Adelaide◆Japan
+1028SYD, Sydney
+1130NOU, Noumea
+1232AKL, Auckland
–1135MDY, Midway◆United States
–1037HNL, Honolulu
–939ANC, Anchorage
–842LAX, Los AngelesUnited States
–744DEN, Denver
–646CHI, Chicago
–549NYC, New York
–451SCL, Santiago◆United States
–353RIO, Rio de Janeiro
–256FEN, Fernando de Noronha◆Germany
–158PDL, Azores


The offsets in the table are based on the standard time.


Even when choosing a time zone of a summer time area during summer time period, apply its standard offset from UTC for world time setting; activate summer time setting to apply summer time.


The areas whose “Signal station” has ◆ mark in the table are out of reception range and cannot receive its signals.
Switching between summer time and standard time must be executed manually there.


It may be difficult to receive the time signal properly under certain environmental conditions which prevent signals to reach.

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