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Cell (Battery) Replacement

Cell (Battery) types

The cells used in a wristwatch consist of non-rechargeable cells and rechargeable cells.

Non-rechargeable cells must be replaced when they run flat.

Rechargeable cells can be repeatedly recharged for use and do not need to be replaced.

To check whether the battery in your watch is a non-rechargeable or rechargeable cell, see “Battery” on the product specifications page of your instruction manual.

Replacing non-rechargeable cells

To have a non-rechargeable cell replaced, you should contact a jewelry store or the nearest Authorized Citizen Service Center.

Opening the back of the watch by yourself may allow dust and debris to enter inside of the watch causing it to stop or impairing its water-resistance.

* Battery replacement will be charged even within the warranty period. Please note that battery replacement is on charge basis.

Replacing rechargeable cells

The batteries used in solar-powered watches such as Eco-Drive watches are rechargeable cells. Rechargeable cells can be recharged repeatedly and, unlike conventional batteries, they do not need to be regularly replaced.

However, after a long period of use, the oils and greases used for the lubrication can break down, or dry up. This can adversely affect the accuracy of your watch and cause damage to the movement's delicate parts. The lack of oil may cause particles from the metal to get into the watch movement. This residue then mixes with the oil and chewed up the gear-train eventually results in higher power consumption and shorten the battery's duration. Regular servicing is recommended.
* Charges apply to regular servicing.

• If a watch that uses a rechargeable cell stops, it may have run out of charge. Expose the dial to sunlight for several hours and then check whether the watch hands are running.

If the battery has to be removed inevitably

If the battery has to be removed inevitably, take appopriate measures such as keeping the battery out of reach to prevent accidental swallowing by infants and young children. If a battery is accidentally swallowed, or if there is a possibility that a battery has been swallowed, immediately contact a doctor and follow the doctor's instructions. It can be life threatening.

For more information on handling batteries, refer to the Japan Clock & Watch Association website.

Batteries at the time of purchase (monitor batteries)

The non-rechargeable cell installed in your watch at the time of purchase is used to check the watch’s functions and performance (monitor battery). Because this battery is installed at shipment from the factory, it may be depleted by the time you purchase the watch. For this reason, it may reach the end of its life more quickly than the “duration” stated in the instruction manual.

Despite it is no problem with continuing to use the monitor battery, we recommend that you have the battery replaced as soon as possible.
* Battery replacement will be charged even within the warranty period. Please note that battery replacement is on charge basis.