Caliber 0200 Limited Edition Mechanical Model
Limited to just 90 pieces


The beauty and craftsmanship
of Japanese armour on your wrist

The ultra-precise Caliber 0200 mechanical movement,
the crystallisation of our long-standing commitment to innovation,
now has a setting that shows it to optimum advantage.

At once practical battle gear and an expression of personality,
samurai armour embodies traditional Japanese craft techniques.
Proudly strap the ‘armour aesthetic’ on to your wrist.

The essence of tradition and of innovation.
Limited to just 90 pieces.

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Features 01

The finest materials and processes:
A true pleasure to wear

The spirit of Japanese armour is visible in every detail of the watch. The stainless-steel case with both brushed and mirror finishes is paired with a beautiful, sturdy zirconia ceramic bezel in striking black with a brushed finish on the top. Combine these elements with the electroformed hammer tone finish of the dial and the result is a solid, austere beauty reminiscent of Japanese armour.

Features 02

Himeji Kurozan:
The black diamond of leather

The sense of volume and deep, lustrous black of the Himeji Kurozan leather strap is achieved by hand-painting the grain with multiple coats of Urushi lacquer. Operating within a monochromatic colour palette, the textural contrasts between case, bezel, dial and the beguiling diamond-dust glitter of the strap evoke the aesthetics of Japanese armour with its distinctive fusion of the functional and the decorative.

Features 03

The high-spec Caliber 0200:
Where accuracy and aesthetics unite

With average daily accuracy of -3 to +5 seconds that exceeds the chronometer standard, the Caliber 0200 deftly combines high-level accuracy with irresistible aesthetic allure. The movement’s decorative finish is born of the joint skills and know-how of CITIZEN and La Joux-Perret. And thanks to the transparent case back, you can enjoy the sight of the special edition movement with the impressive 22-karat gold rotor adorned with the eagle mark.

Line Up


Limited to just 90 pieces


The inspiration for this limited edition model comes from samurai armour, which uses multiple traditional craft techniques to provide physical protection while also expressing the wearer’s personality through ornament. The strap is made of Himeji Kurozan leather, the “black diamond of leather.”

Crafting the next ideal:

The eagle mark:
Symbol of The CITIZEN

The eagle symbolises The CITIZEN’s twin commitments to “looking ahead and pursuing the ideal” and to “becoming an integral part of users’ lives.” The mark is discreetly engraved on the dial and crown of some models.


The master artisans who
breathe life into our watches

The CITIZEN watches are made at CITIZEN's special watch workshop nestled deep in the Nagano countryside. They are hand-assembled down to the last component by our highly experienced master watchmaking Meisters.

Next Level Quality