CITIZEN social good campaign
New TiMe, New Me
Just do what you can, no matter how small.
Every day, we’re working on to build a sustainable future.

‘Open a door into the future.’
Under that slogan, in 2022 we are launching
two limited edition models with a key motif.
They come with a hand-embroidered towel
which helps expand the circle of happiness,
by supporting women and children
in the Philippines.

Opening the door to a better future

Salt Payatas, a specified non-profit organisation, provides women in Payatas
(known as the site of the largest dumpsite in the Philippines) with the opportunity to earn
a living by making and selling embroidery products rather than by collecting garbage.
CITIZEN and Salt Payatas, both organisations which are focused on
working for a better future, collaborated to make this hand towel.
The goal is to enable women to earn a stable income in a safe environment
while acquiring skills and self-confidence.
A share of the profits goes to maintaining libraries and providing educational support
for local children.
Individually hand-embroidered by the women of Payatas,
these towels are opening the door to a better future.

Specified NPO Salt Payatas


Previous New Time, New Me campaigns


The question, “What kind of world would you like to see?” was the basis for our 2021 campaign theme. We asked a range of people from different fields to describe their ideal world and then we shared their answers online.
We launched a limited edition model with a strap incorporating fibres made from marine plastic and a collaboration model created in conjunction with AFRIKA ROSE, a Tokyo florist committed to fair trade practices.
A percentage of sales from the two models was donated to beach cleanup efforts and to building women’s toilets in Tanzania


The New TiMe, New Me campaign launched in 2019. It was inspired by the thought that all of us have a role to play in changing the world for the better, starting with the small, everyday choices that we make. To provide a springboard to a more sustainable future, we organised lectures and workshops (Japan only) with people who share similar values and released a number of limited edition watches.