I want to live in a world that’s about
more than me and my happiness,
a world where everybody is happy.
Through the small choices we make,
we shape our shared future
The world can be a kinder place.
Because we are the world .
New TiMe, New Me

What is New TiMe, New Me?

The small choices we make can help
change the world for the better.
New TiMe, New Me is a social good campaign
that started in 2019.


Actions CITIZEN is taking

CITIZEN has started changing
how it makes watches
to help make a happier future for all.


Watches for happiness

Collaboration models

Limited edition collaboration models
from xC and CITIZEN L.
Our ideas for watches
that will bring a smile to people’s faces

Collaboration model

This limited edition comes from
a collaboration with AFRIKA ROSE,
a Tokyo florist specialising
in fair-trade African roses.

It’s always time for something new

Make up your mind to be brave.
Put on the watch.
Embrace its positive energy.
xC is all about empowering you .

Collaboration model

Making the ocean beautiful for
future generations.
That’s the thinking behind this limited edition
we created with ethical accessory brand

A watch as beautiful as our planet.
Both inside and out.

CITIZEN wants to make a better world
for tomorrow.
The brand we’ve chosen to
spearhead those efforts is CITIZEN L.
As a manufacture, CITIZEN believes in
sustainable manufacturing that treats people
and the environment with respect .