Actions CITIZEN is taking

Getting rid of a mountain of waste batteries


In 1976, CITIZEN invented the world’s first analogue light-powered watch.
We called the technology Eco-Drive.
Eco-Drive generates energy from sunlight and indoor light to drive watches.
After further research, we managed to store surplus energy in a secondary cell
and achieved a running time of six months in complete darkness.*
Eco-Drive isn’t just convenient, it’s helped reduce the quantity of waste batteries.
In 1996 it was awarded Eco Mark certification as an eco-friendly technology.
In 2014, it won a gold prize at the Eco Mark Award, an industry first.
Lubricating oil is indispensable to Eco-Drive’s performance.
Watches last longer when their components don’t deteriorate.
AO Oil, an oil that CITIZEN formulated in-house,
helps reduce the maintenance-related environmental burden.
Rather than keep the technology to ourselves, we shared it with other watchmakers,
helping to reduce the environmental impact of the whole watch industry.
We’re not just interested in making our technology better.
We also want to raise the eco-awareness of our worldwide customers.
Based on the CITIZEN philosophy of “Better Starts Now,”
we want to create a world in which people will cherish
their watches and use them for a long time.

* Some models have a running time of less than 6 months.