The world we want

Spreading ripples



When something, even a small thing,
moves me and means a lot to me,
then I want to hold onto that feeling
regardless of what other people think.
I want the ripples of my emotion
to spread and feed into the wider sea.
That’s the kind of world I want to see.


Born in Tokyo. Active in various media including magazines, books, music, fashion, advertising and packaging. Recent work includes the cover design for Yoshiyuki Morioka’s book Secondhand Bookshop on the Prairie (Shogakukan Bunko), the key visual for the 31st Shimokitazawa Theater Festival, the LOGOS poster “Winter Logos,” the official 2021 New Year Card for Fujifilm, illustrations for the TV Tokyo animation Synapse Talk of the Future and for the picture book Journey of the Lion Ship, written by Yoshiyuki Morioka and Yosuke Yamaguchi and published by Akane Shobo. Yosuke has held solo exhibitions of his work all around Japan.