A better world.
For all. Always.



Better for the end user.
Better for the manufacturer.

Responsible leather and paper

We all want beautiful things, but this can unknowingly, and unintentionally, have a negative impact on other people.

At CITIZEN, we are going beyond basic environmental sustainability. Now, when we choose the materials for our watches, we work on the principle of ‘doing no one any harm.’

That means taking the work environment and health and safety issues into account, in addition to environmental impacts.

It’s the reason we use leather sourced from LWG-certified*¹ tanneries and FSC™*²-certified paper for our watch boxes and their internal elements, as well as for pamphlets and other promotional materials.

We want to help create a better world, where everyone has a chance at happiness. Over time, we believe that together they will grow into a force to change the world.

*1. Leather Working Group (LWG) is an international not-for-profit organisation. Its members include brands, tanneries and chemical suppliers. LWG evaluates the safety and environmental performance etc. of the leather manufacturing process and awards certification only to tanneries that pass its rigorous audits.
*2. FSC™: Forest Stewardship Council™/FSC™ N002484