A better world.
For all. Always.



A watch for the people and a better world

It started with a pocket watch

Inspired by the idea of producing a precision Japanese watch, the craftsmen at the Shokosha Research Institute got down to work. Years of research and experimentation went into their first timepiece, a pocket watch, designed and assembled in-house and released in 1924.

Despite its importance, did not have a name. So, the company asked Shinpei Goto, Tokyo’s then mayor, to come up with one. Believing that, ‘regular citizens would fall in love with [the watch] and use it for a good long time,’ he gave it the name CITIZEN—which later became our company name.

The name fits with our current philosophy of sustainability and of trying to contribute to, ‘A better world. For all. Always.’ We strive to live up to our name, making watches in a sustainable way.