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Runs for over six months.
Even in darkness.

The original running time of an Eco-Drive battery was 8 days.Today, it’s more than six months.

Initially, it was our interest in solar power that led to Eco-Drive. However, the technology doesn’t rely solely on sunlight. Eco-Drive is able to convert everyday light sources into energy—even light from desk lamps and flashlights.

Our early light-powered watches had a running time of just eight days (200 hours) when not exposed to light. Now, thanks to the improvements we’ve made to energy efficiency and to the power cell rechargeable battery, standard spec Eco-Drive runs for six months on a full charge.

The development of a power save mode further reduced energy consumption by pausing the hands when no light reaches the dial. This advancement has enabled us to create models with a running time of over 5 years.

Eco-Drive technology guarantees you a long and happy relationship with your watch.