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A mountain’s worth of waste batteries.
Vanished! Gone!

Eliminating the need for disposable batteries is
a big win for sustainability

Early quartz watches required batteries to be changed at regular intervals. It was something everyone just took for granted.

Eco-Drive shattered that conventional wisdom, dramatically decreasing the number of battery cells that were thrown away.

If Eco-Drive had never been invented, all the batteries that would, as a result, have been thrown away every year would stack up to 8,400 meters in height.* Nearly the height of Mount Everest.

In 1996, Eco-Drive obtained Eco-Mark Certification in recognition of its eco-friendliness and contribution to the reduction of waste. It was a first for a watchmaker. In another first, Eco-Drive went on to win a Gold Prize at the Eco Mark Awards in 2014.

* Calculation based on annual sales of Eco-Drive models since the year 2009.