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Boosting accuracy and functionality.
Cutting energy consumption.

Achieving accuracy of ± 1 second per year and adding 20 plus functions

Our success in reducing Eco-Drive’s energy consumption also led to major advances in accurate timekeeping.

At about ±15 seconds a month, the accuracy of our early light-powered watches was similar to standard quartz watches.

In 2019, we released the world’s most accurate light-powered watch* accurate to ±1 second per year.

Our earliest light-powered models featured just three functions.Today, they can deliver on more than 20 different functions, including altimeters, depth meters, Radio-Controlled and GPS SATELLITE WAVE.

These functions have never been a goal in and of themselves, but rather serve our goal to make watches everyone will enjoy and cherish for a long time.

Watch out for the latest developments from Eco-Drive, the pioneer of sustainable timepieces.

* For a light-powered analogue quartz watch. As of March 2023, according to CITIZEN research.