A place
where new ideas are born.

At CITIZEN, we spend a large part of our waking lives thinking about watches. We're always asking ourselves questions like 'What if a watch could do this?' or 'What if we made a watch that looked like that?' We can't come up with exciting new concepts unless we're attuned to the world around us and able to peer into the future from multiple perspectives. How are people's values and attitudes evolving? What sort of utility do they want? What should we change about our watches and what should we leave the same? Creating a new model from scratch means giving shape to something that has never existed before.

Watches are our interface
with the customer.

How can we make the lives of people who wear CITIZEN watches better? We see our watches as our interface with the customer. No matter how handsome or distinctive a watch is, all that counts for nothing if so much as a single element fails to give satisfaction. That's why we're passionate about pursuing better in every aspect of your experience: wrist feel, ease of use, legibility, durability, lightness, and so on. We never forget that a watch is something that you wear against your skin.

Designs rooted
in the real world.

Designing and daydreaming are two different things. Our focus is always on turning our ideas into practicable, usable watches. The best way to do that is to define the design concept in clear prose. Our planning, design, and manufacturing teams always work off the same product concept document. That is how we make our watches at CITIZEN.