What manufacture means

Manufacture is a French term for an integrated watchmaker that makes all the parts for its watches in-house. Some people interpret the term loosely and equate being a manufacture with simply making watch movements. That's not enough for us. Of course, we make movements. But we also make everything else, from the tiniest parts to hands and cases. There is only a handful of genuine manufacture brands in the world. CITIZEN is proud to be one of them.

It's all
to make
the ideal watch.

Why is CITIZEN so committed to being a manufacture? It's simple. To create a more accurate watch, you need exceptionally precise parts. To create a more beautiful watch, you need a finer finish. To create a smaller watch, you need to make individual parts that are unprecedentedly small. In other words, we believe that being a manufacture is the only path to making the ideal watch.

Even the oil.

If you want to make the ideal watch, then you've got to have ideal parts. If you want to make those ideal parts, then you've got to do what we do: make the machines that make the parts. In fact, we even custom-blend the oil that lubricates the machines ourselves. We're fanatical not just about our watches, but every single aspect of the watchmaking process.

We can.
Because we are
a manufacture.

Our mission at CITIZEN is to make watches that people all over the world will love. Making all the parts ourselves enables us to get closer to the ideal watch. Thinner. Smaller. Stronger. More beautiful. More precise. The spirit of craftsmanship that CITIZEN has nurtured since its origins remains unchanged today. We're still excited by the pursuit of doing better. Being a manufacture still very much defines who we are.