Designing the
heart of a watch

CITIZEN develops and manufactures every part of its movements in-house. Frankly, it's not easy. The first step in building a new watch movement isn't to design any single component, it's to stand back and take a holistic view of the concept. For example, when we wanted to develop the world's thinnest watch, we realized we would need to create the world's thinnest movement. The movement is the beating heart of any watch. It keeps the watch running and telling the accurate time.

The sensitivity of the human hand.
The precision of the machine.

At CITIZEN, we don't make every part of our watches by hand. It's a simple matter of fact that at some stages of the manufacturing process, machines can make parts with a speed and precision that far outstrips human capability. That is particularly true for the movement, the heart of the watch. Our movements are created by by combining the sensitivity of the craftsman's hand with the extreme precision of our in-house machinery. The seamless collaboration of man and machine is something we have achieved because we are a true manufacture.

There are people
supervising the machines.

Our movements are world famous for their quality. That quality depends on two things: our highly skilled operatives and our meticulously maintained machinery. Thanks to 24-hour monitoring of power supply, air conditioning, back-up units and other factory infrastructure, we can preempt or rapidly deal with trouble. Having a production system that guarantees quality is part of being a manufacture committed to making watches loved by people everywhere.