The world we want

A world where just enough
is just right


CITIZEN L Product Planning

For her homework, my daughter was
reciting a passage from memory.
One particular phrase really gave me a jolt.
“People do not recognise enjoyment
as enjoyment, or nobility as nobility.
Shunning things of inward value,
people seek material treasures instead.”
That’s certainly true,
I thought. It’s what we call greed.
Recently, I’ve been learning a lot
from my daughter.
I want to make better choices,
even with small things,
so that she will have a better future.


Joined Citizen as a watch designer. Handled design for xC and licensed brands, then moved to product planning, where she was put in charge of the xC brand. After a break for maternity leave, returned to work and was moved to CITIZEN L product planning. Was part of the team behind the 2016 retargeting of CITIZEN L as a sustainable brand.