The world we want

A world that connects time, people,
the future and the Earth

Shinichiro HIBI

JEPLAN, INC Head of the President’s Office

I want a world where everybody, everywhere,
especially children and young people,
comes together and lives in a positive way,
both today and forwards into the future.
I want a world where the products people use
have wonderful stories
and where every minute of every day is special.

Shinichiro HIBI
Was overall sales manager of BRING™  at JEPLAN; is now head of the president’s office.

Planned and rolled out BRING™, an ambitious project to recycle unneeded clothing and textiles, and was put in charge of sales  in 2015. Leveraging almost 20 years of experience in apparel, he is currently responsible for forging tie-ups with apparel companies that want to plan products using BRING™ sustainable textiles created with JEPLAN’s chemical recycling technology.